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With what program i can scan the pages of a BOOK then change it to words?

want to scan some of my personal writings and change the scanned copies to words and made E-books, with what program i can change the scanned pages of a book to words?

please help


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    All scanners come with Optical Character Recognition(OCR) software, I personally like HP scanner stuff. OCR will only recognize typed words, not handwritten words. Therefore you could copy a magazine article, and save it as an editable text or Word document. If all your personal writings are hand written, I would look for voice recognition software that you can read your and the computer will type out for you. There is a program, pricey at $99, Dragon Naturally Speaking, maybe someone knows of either free or cheaper programs. Best of luck.

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    A employed transcriber or typist is a lot easier, speedier, and much less errors-carriers than bulk OCR. I designed and wrote a bulk OCR equipment (extreme-speed scanner + OCR + spellcheck + redaction) for drug trials, and it became into exciting, yet very costly and mandatory modifying besides. human beings forget approximately that transcribing or typing notes is getting modifying, spell checking and formatting wrapped into it. that's fairly a deal. verify with a nearby printer or publishing domicile, they are in a position to connect you to a employed typist (or verify on line) and you will have clean replica in days.

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    Any scanning program with Optical Character Recognition(OCR) will do the trick :)

    hope this helps :)

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    you can use Easy Pdf Converter software

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