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When the aliens come will Yahoo! Answers serve as a record of every queston asked by man in the 21st century?

Do you think the aliens would be proud of their experiment?

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    LOL, Man, I hope that Answers is not a record of every question asked by man. We would still be living in the dark ages. Yes, aliens would be please with their experiment. We, as humans, have evolved, both philosophically and thecnologically. I imagine they would get a big laugh out of watching a Pentecostal Sunday service. That alone would make them wonder about the human brain and is it capable of reasonable and independent thought.

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    I was looking through the aliens memory bank just earlier today. They are using answers to compile profiles on us now. You have a very thick swath on their hard drive.

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    The questions that get a hundred and forty solutions are generally a gaggle of folk attempting to get undemanding factors. all the solutions are unquestionably the comparable, and/or do not require a lot of theory.

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    Here is one for you : The white race is descended from "aliens". I told you where to look .

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    Yahoo! Answers can be use to datamine information, so are the rest of the Internet.

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