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Did Emmitt Smith marry Cheryle Burke his dancing with the stars partner?

Everyone is saying that after the show was over and they won they ran off and got married in Mexico is it true or not true?

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    No. He is married with 3 kids. He is married to Martin Lawrence's ex wife. Plus he is 37 and she is 22.

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    No i don't think of he's gay for dancing with the celebrities. yet I do have confidence Jerry Rice would be popping out of the closet in a 365 days or 2. he's slightly too flamboyant exterior of the dance studio. i don't think of Emmitt might have executed the tutor if Jerry did not frist. yet in protection of your co-workers the outfits don't greater healthful the profile of a former soccer participant, possibly a club hoppin' hairdresser.

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    Not likely. He is married with 3 children and from what I saw of them on the show, very happily so.

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    Obviously you didnt watch the show. Emmit is a happily married man, and being one myself, would never stoop to that level.

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    No, hes already married

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    not true i know him hes my cousin he has kids and a wife i know him he played with the Dallas Cowboys

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    no, not true

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