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why did bill (impeached) and hillary defund the military and make the united states open for an attack?

and at the same time--when the twin towers were attacked in 1993, why did billy bite his lip and say..."you cant hide, we will hunt u down" and then did..........nothing?

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    So he could leave office claiming a budget surplus .

    What , piss off the Arab world by hanging some terrorists ?

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    He did not opt to be to blame for starting up a conflict. also it extremely is why at the same time as he left we had no significant deficit. He did not spend any funds to save our protection force above reproach. Now Bush is the undesirable guy for spending a lot funds. the in common words time he despatched a bomb to Iraq became at the same time as he became interior the technique of being impeached yet Congress desirous to drop the impeachment because we needed a President on the instant of a accessible conflict. Then he surpassed the dollar to Bush. The Clinton's use quite some Diversion methods to get away with plenty.

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    Those who planned and bombed the trade center in 1993 are all in prison. Can we say the same for 9/11.

    Budget for the military and the pentagon has gone up every year since 1991. So Mr Bill did NOT cut military funds either. He did many things that I had trouble with. Leave our Military out in a desert with anitquated weaponry and inadiquate protection was not one of them. That was a different president.

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    They hate the military and the military hate them as seen by the weak salutes he got as President. The Clinton's are a part of a growing group called Secular Progressives who think that One World Government is the way to go, that you take from the nations who are rich and give to the poor, and you don't do battle against dictators, you buy them off.

    This so called " One World Government " is not new as Humbert Humphrey was a real leader in it when he ran for President.

    Our country is being gift wrapped and is to be handed over to some world authority to manage. Anything you have amassed from hard work, can be taken away and given to someone else in another country.

    Wake up America!!

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    they were too busy with their own agendas to notice the signs. i believe in order to be agood president you need to have served some time in the military. bill was too occupied with what was between his legs

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    They hate the military, and he was a draft dodger.

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    You can't prove any of these wild assertions. And besides who cares? Its been .... how long since he was in office?

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    ask their real leader..kofi annan...

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