"Thermal Event"?

My Dell computer has started shutting itself down. When I try to start it back up again I get a message telling me that "the previous shutdown was due to a THERMAL EVENT". I have never experienced this before, and I don't know what is wrong.

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    1 decade ago
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    Your computer is overheating. Either the fans arent working or are clogged with dust. Open it up and clean as much dust as you can out of the heat syncs (large metal radiators) and fans. If it keeps doing one or more of the fans might need to be replaced. Most dells only have one fan so it should be a quick and cheap replacment.

    You can also go into the bios during startup and change the temp the computer shuts down at. This is not recomended because the cpu shutdown is designed to prevent the computer from damaging itself and if you turn off thermal shutdown the whole thing can litterally fry.

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    Typically this means that your machine is overheating. Either the CPU core is getting too hot, meaning that the CPU cooler is not functioning properly, or the case fan(s) are not operating properly and the system temp is too high. PCs shut themselves down based on Temp which can be modified in the system BIOS.

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