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What is the average price for fourteen months of Invisalign treatment in Northern New Jersey?

I’m supposed to begin Invisalign the first week of January. I was quoted a price of $4,800 for fourteen months of treatment and am just wondering if this sounds right. Between college, getting my wisdom teeth removed, Christmas and New Years, I really don’t have time to visit different dentists to compare prices. As well, even if I do go for a “free consultation” from another dentist, chances are he or she will want to do x-rays and possibly take a mold of my mouth to see if I qualify for the procedure, which will not be free. Furthermore, I don’t want to go to another dentist and tell him or her my current dentist has approved me for the treatment, as I want an unbiased quote… not one that simply “beats” the one I’ve been given. Thank you in advance.

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    We are not in the business of beating another dentist's quotes. We set fees based on our own office expenses and so on. I do Invisalign fro less, but I'm half an hour south of Exit 2. If a case was going to take 14 months - which is NOT determined by the dentist, by the way - I think I'd charge about $3,600-4,000, depending on how much IPR was required or how many attachments were needed.

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    It all depends on where you live and if your school is a Mcdojo or not. But I think the average price would be around $50 a month. For the fellow above, price does not always equal quality of training. A person could be a 6 dan black belt and only charge $35 a month.

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    If you have any idea where this product is sold in N.J then your best bet is to call up and get the information on price.

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