Flowers in the Attic question(Spoilers!)?

Does any one think that the twins small size could have been because of the close relationship between the parents and not the lack of sunlight?

I just reread the first two novels for like the 6th time.

After 8 months, i think, Cathy and Chris noticed the kids weren't growing and measure them and they'd only grown 2 inches. Who's to say they would have grown if they'd been in the sun?

When do you think the Mother started poisoning them? They said the doughnuts started coming while their mother was on honeymoon. So do you think the grandmother and mother were in it together? Do you believe the mother when she said she only wanted to get them a little sick?

I know it's wrong, but I love Chris' undying love for Cathy, and I wish the third novel had been written in Chris' point of view, because I would have loved to know more about the girls he slept with and what he did while he was away from Cathy.


They were taking vitamins though. That should have helped.

Update 2:

Yes, I've read all the novels several times. At the moment, I can't bring myself to read the last two again. (that v.c. andrews really wrote). It's just so sad. I wish the mother could have left them alone in the third novel, so they could have been happy for a few more years, and maybe Bart would have been more normal. Why should Cathy have had to feel ashamed in front of her mother when it was her mother's fault it all happened in the first place!

In the 60s, there weren't really a lot of people going to therapy and all that, and all the while they had to keep it secret about the relationship for so many reasons.

It would be kind of interesting if the story were set in the 90s with all the technology that we have now, what would their life have been like in the attic then.

I wish V.C. Andrews hadn't died. She wrote too few books. It's such a shame. And the ghost writer ruined Garden of Shadows. I know V.C. would have made it a great novel.

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    First, you have to think about symbolism: flowers. The children are flowers in the spring--new, innocent, blooming, growing into maturity. Flowers need sunlight and proper nutrition to blossom. The twins had neither. There also needs to be a healthy, natural environment--they had neither. Without these things, flowers wilt and children die. Think about the birds and the bees and their role in the flower chain. The result of improper fertilization (breeding) means mutation; therefore, the parents' relationship and the unnatural relationship that formed in the attic are also causes for death and improper growth. You were perceptive to pick up on the parents being an issue. If the children were raised naturally, like flowers in the meadow, and produced naturally (birds and bees and such) they would have, indeed, been healthy. However, everything about their genetics and their environment was unnatural, and the introduction of more poison to their systems was the final straw. Still, you can poison a flower or a weed and it can still fight and sprout through the cracks in the cement. The result is not the beautiful, vibrant rose in its garden, but something aberrant and pitiful.

    Yes, I think the grandmother was as cruel and selfish as the mother. She was not innocent, and, in fact, I wonder if it was not her idea? What do you think? Have you read the rest of the books? There are three more (to the best of my recollection), and you may get a better idea if you read the rest of the series.

    As for you thinking you might be wrong in loving Chris's undying love, well, that is the point. When we know all of the facts and all of the thoughts and feelings and reasons behind any act, we tend to look at that act differently. We judge people based upon the little pieces of external information we recieve about them, but we never get to know the truth (we cannot read minds and understand motives). However, even Chris and Cathy knew that their love was unnatural. I guess, if I had a wish for them, it would be to get back into the sunlight of living, get a lot of counseling, and accept the fact that who they were is not who they are now or who they can become in the future... that, however, is just a meaningless observation. But, you have to wonder...if you grow unnaturally (like the weed in the cement) would you ever have a chance to become the rose, even if you were transplanted?


    You are correct. No one really shared back then--not like they do now (Dr. Phil, Springer, Oprah, etc.). Can you imagine all the horrible sorted things that must have been happening, people knowing that they would never be found out.... I think Flowers was really the first of its kind, and very much a part of the change we have seen in "confessing" and sharing the dark secrets of the past. Only by communication can we scare off the preditors of innocence. I agree that VC Andrews was a superb author! She really put it all out there for us. I read Flowers way back in 1980... I remember being shocked and angry and heartbroken. I have a lot of books in my library by the literary giants, and hers is right there, alongside theirs. I think she was top-notch.

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    Yes, I agree with the former answer that it was lack of proper nutrition. Sunlight provides vitamin D though so it could have contributed.

    I think it would have been have cool if the third novel was written out of Chris's point of view.

    I just loved the one that was in Jory's point of view. His story just breaks my heart. He is my fave character.

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    I think the main reason the twins didn't grow was a lack of proper nutrition, rather than lack of sunlight.

    I'm not sure when the mother started poisoning them... probably not until late in their captivity, else they would have died much sooner. Nope, I think the mother wanted them dead: because of the whole deal with her father (the kids' grandfather) that if he found out she had kids, she wouldn't get her inheritance.

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