this is a turn on?

sometimes i find myself sickly attracted to mean guys. like hugh laurie on house. and yesterday when my bus went to pick up people at the highschool (middleschoolers and highschoolers share a bus) there was the group of skaters. i wasn't peying much attention to them, but then i heard this really hot 8th grader on my bus say, "I'm better than all you little skaters put together." then they threatened to pick a fight with eachother. the look in jordan's eyes was full of luminous hate, yet i couldn't help but to gaze into them (he's the 8th grader). and the leader of the skaters (coltin) was really hot, yet he was such a jerk! and before yesterday i never liked jordan. why was i turned on by this cruelty.

btw if you post a rude answer i'll report u, thanx.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    well, all of us girls have certain tastes in guys. it's not all about the looks, just imagined you're on a date and he is so rude. would u want a guy that is disrspectful to you? i know i wouldn't. like i said, we all have diffrent tastes in guys. good luck : )

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    It's not rude, but I think that you are way too young to be playing these games. Apparently you are in middle school. I have a son in 8th grade. He talks about girls, but has no interest in this kind of stuff. Take the time to be a kid. You'll have plenty of time to date boys when you get older. Enjoy what 8th grade, or whatever grade you are in, has to bring.

    BTW, I think Hugh Laure is Hott too, but I am in my 30's.

    Source(s): Be a kid while you still can. I got married at 18 and divorced at 33....if I had it to do over I would NEVER have gotten married so young.
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    Normal, most women tend to like the "bad guy" it's a called lack of better judgement.

  • 1 decade ago

    girls like bad boys. i bet you are a really sweet girl, and opposites attract! i feel the same way sometimes.

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