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Senator Hilary Clinton?

It seems like everyone dislikes Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-NY) for some unknown reason. Yet, when asked why, no one has a valid reason (and her husband isn't it). So why is she disliked when she has always put the interests of the people before her own agenda?

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    She's a very strong, driven person, one who has made her career her life's primary focus. She supported her husband to achieve his goals, and now seeks to achieve her own. In other words, she's determined, and formidable in her own right. Those are admirable traits in a Senator, or a Presidential candidate, or a man, but people don't like them in women.

    I'v heard a lot of women, surprisingly, make snide comments about her marriage. For some reason, they can't seem to understand how she could still be committed to it. The fact that her husband has had extramarital affairs seems, in their minds, to reflect more poorly on Hillary than it does on Bill. Not because he strayed, but because she didn't have a complete meltdown and leave him because of it. The possibility that she values her husband and her marriage, for reasons that have nothing to do with sex, seems utterly inconceiveable to many women. That's more a reflection of their own small-mindedness, in my opinion, than it is a fair evaluation of the Clintons' relationship, but they pass judgement on her just the same.

    She's the first woman in US history with a real shot at the Presidency, with the experience and the chops to do a great job in very turbulent times. And, becaue she's a woman, people are critical of her in some pretty gender-biased ways. I see people on this forum trying to make the case that she shouldn't be elected because she's female, and Muslims don't respect females (we should let people from other countries call the shots in ours?). I see people constantly slamming her looks and clothes. I hear people--again, surprisingly, women mostly--who consider her strong marriage to be indicitive of a character flaw, despite the fact that so many of their own relationships are utterly dysfunctional.

    The bottom line is, she's a woman, and it will be a tremendous fight for a woman to win the Presidency. Not because of Hillary's capabilities; she's plainly very smart, experienced, and a good leader. Not because a female can't lead this country; history is full of women who have been exceptional rulers and heads of state for centuries. Not because of Bill; he is as much an asset to her as she is to him. Purely and simply, it will be fight because far too many Americans are hateful, bigoted and petty. Far too many people, men and women alike, will hate any female contender for the Presidency based on her gender alone.

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    OK this is sexist and I apologize for it right now. I don't have a problem with a woman president, but while she was first lady she was too vocal in politics. It felt like we had elected the Clintons to the presidency instead of Bill. The spouse of the president often has some political knife to grind, Mrs. Bush the senior had her Drug Campaign. It just FELT like Hilary was part of the cabinet, and I guess I resented that.

    If she runs against a Bush clone she'll have my vote, but I'd really rather not vote for her. I realize that my reasons are not objective and built on logic, but we cannot always be logical can we. Sometimes we must follow our gut, and mine says no to Hilary.

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    I live in New York state, and I have been very pleased at the way she has performed as a senator. I voted for her in 2000 and 2006, and if she runs for president, I will vote for her again. People seem to judge women politicians on superficial matters - hair, smile, clothes. They overlook the fact that she is intelligent, works hard, and has good ideas. As long as she can govern effectively and bring sanity and intelligence back to the White House, I don't care what she wears or how she smiles - and her smile is superior to W's smirk any day anyway.

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    I wish I had the answer for you but I don't. I myself wondered the same thing. When I ask people the same question the respond "Because I just Don't." That in my opinion is kind of a lame reason for not liking someone. Maybe because she is a strong and outgoing woman and some people envy that because they wish they could be that way but lack the drive to do so. Who really know? Maybe Senator Clinton should reach out to those who don't like her and if they refuse to be reached, at least she tried.

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    "So why is she disliked when she has always put the interests of the people before her own agenda?" She never puts the interests of the people before her own agenda. That's the point. Also, she "re-invents" her self whenever she thinks she won't get the vote. She has a plastic smile. But inside she is rigid.

    She would turn this country in the direction of socialism and tax the daylights out of everyone.

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    I think people giver her heck because of who she is and who she is married to. They don't realize that she has done a lot of great things in New York and that she did a lot of good things while her husband was President. A lot of the guys that don't like her are the shovinists and the woman who don't like her are the ones who look down upon her for trying to make her marriage work even though her husband screwed up. I think the fact that she was willing to try to work on their relationship showed that she was a stronger person instead of the many who just give up on the first problem that occurs.

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    If you will remember during the Clinton Presidency, there was several investigations, most notably was the Rose Law Firm. Hillary forgot or couldn't remember facts while under oath. But, when she wrote her boOK, lots of the answer were in there so again, they showed the American public, its ok to lie, if your an elected official.

    Besides, if Hillary couldn't keep control of her man Bill, what makes anyone think she can run the country??

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    i live in NY. its not that we don't like her as a senator. its when (not if) she runs for president that is the problem.

    think about it. if she runs for president. we will have 2 decades of presidents that were in families that were already president.

    Bush Sr. >>Clinton-the man>>Bush Jr. >>Clinton the woman.

    i don't think the world can take this cycle. it will be cruel. then there is the fact that she is very liberal on many issues. Gay marriage, abortion, ect. she won't get the full support of the conservative base in the south and midwest. i think thats basically it.

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    Because our country is still stuck in the stone age and can't handle the thought of a capable , well educated, intelligent woman running the government. I think she would make an ideal and extremely competent president. Yet Americans seem to want a lying, despotic moron like Bush in power.

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    As a person I have nothing against her. As a politician she is way too far left for me. She has tended to be very far left on alot of issues and the democrats are trying to stay away from that. They know if they go too extreme right now they will lose the 2008 elections.

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