Is gift card appropriate as Christmas gift for preschool teachers? If it is, how much should I put down on it?

Need advice on appropriate Christmas gift for my son's preschool teachers.

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    Yes, a very nice gesture. If it's to a restuarant, give enough for 2 people to have dinner and their beverages. Depending on where, it's usually between $20 - $30.

    If you don't want to give a giftcard, you could get her supplies for her classroom, or educational toys. Many teachers pay for this stuff out of pocket already. You could even give a gift card for a teacher store, or toward books at scholastic.

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    i agree with the teacher supply gift cards. They are a great idea. I know Target makes a gift card especially for teachers, you can also do Wal-mart, or even Beckers which is a teacher supply store.

    Depending on your relationship with the teacher, I would say 10-20 dollars.

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    I am a preschool teacher and I LOVE giftcards. The best one I got was one to the mall bought at the customer service desk, it was for $25 and could be used anywhere in the mall.

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    Where I live we have these Simon gift cards. They are gift cards you can buy at the mall (at the info booth) and spend it anywhere that accepts VISA. They are also rechargable.

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    i love gift cards to restaurants usually i put 20.00 on them

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