Are educated Black people ashamed of their race?

I notice that a lot of wealthy, educated Black people try to separate themselves as much as possible from the majority of Black people...basically try to distance themsleves from ghetto, poor Black folks. Why is this? Are they embarassed by the poor behavior of a lot of Black people and don't want to be associated with them? Why do educated Black folks hate their own kind, but they get offended when other racial groups say things that they themselves despise?

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    Rich and upper middle class people of every race separate themselves from the less well off. It's due to economics and the way communities and neighborhoods are constructed and the way housing is priced.

  • truly
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    You write, "...educated black folks hate their own kind...” Aside from skin color, why would poor blacks behaving badly be consider "their own kind". I argue that they are not their own kind but of a different kind; one that does not have much in common with the educated well-behaving black.

    I've been with both sides. As an educated profession black, there are certain behaviors and lifestyles that I don't want to live around or be around. As a good-hearted American citizen, I out of the goodness of my heart and not out of obligation, choose to help the less fortunate when I can. I like to promote education and self-sufficiency. When it is all said and done, the same opportunities that I have had are available to most blacks. It is the choice of the individual whether or not they want to take advantage of those opportunities to make a better life for themselves. I feel no remorse for people who chose to do nothing and succumb to their misfortune. I will not risk myself for someone who will not work for the things that I had to work hard to achieve.

    The biggest problem is that people like to lump all blacks together, both the good and the bad. They say things like blacks are dumb, lazy, on welfare, on drugs, etc. This is why many do try to distance themselves. They do not want to be included in that image.

    It does strike a nerve when people make comments about blacks. Because of history, we all know that blacks had the most horrendous start here in the USA. Only recently have the rights of a citizen been given to blacks. That brings on sympathy for the black race but at the end of the day, people still need to be responsible for their current actions and choices they make in life. Today is a new day.

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    If you look at the total perspective of it, whites do the same. Just look at who gives money to the poor or to hospitals, or other charities. It is not the wealthy most of the money comes from workers or poor people. The only ones in the news that give to the poor are people of wealth trying to make a show of it or getting tax benefits. I am saying do not pick on the blacks whites are just the same.

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    I'm white and lived in a trailer park for several years. I'm college educated, and I lived there cheaply while I was working on my master's degree. I didn't see wealthy white people pounding on my door to socialize with me. In fact, my brother in law and sister in law never even saw the place (my husband lived there with me the first two years of our marriage).

    I'm tired of stereo types with black and white and this and that. Let me turn it around: why do white people think anyone who lives in a trailer park is automaticly white trash?

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    4 years ago

    I agree there is extra effective than a handful individuals yet I additionally agree there is loads of lack of expertise accessible too. i does not say i'm embarrased with the help of it although reason i know who i'm and the place I got here from, and that's making me extra useful each and on a daily basis. So why stay on the lack of expertise?

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    I think you would probably have to go to the source for your answer on this one.

    But if you really think about it , you could ask this of all the other ethnic groups. I think if you sat down and asked yourself this question you may get you the answer you are looking for.

    Now, this may just be me, but I think this is somewhat true of all races,generally speaking.

    I hope I didn't offend anyone ,that's just my story and I'm stickin to it....Good luck

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    I have noticed that myself. Very good point. Or what is even better is what about those whether they are educated or not that claim religion yet they curse people out for the least thing possible. Funny isn't it. I am white and believe it or not,...because I don't like MOST blacks I get more email from so called religious or so called educated blacks that are 10 times more racist or profane than I am. LMAO! Ironic isn't it?!?!?

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    i'm educated, and i don't want people to automatically think that i smoke crack or something just because i'm black. I love all my brothas and sistas, even if they do bad things.

    i agree with 2sweet. My black friend is always talking about cars and money. i wish that one day, she will realize that all of that isn't important

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    1 decade ago

    the upper class folk do not wanted to be associated with regular people because they simply think they are above us.

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    why would we want to live in the ghetto? you think we like it there?

    hell no!! we dont hate our own kind , only people like you think so why do you people think you know soo much about us when you dont?

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