How can i recover a lost xp password?

I have tried the safe mode technique, but it requires a password for the administrater account. Is there anyway else I can disable/change the password.?

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    Breaking The XP Password:

    In case of user password boot the pc in safemode by pressing the F8 key and then selecting the Safe Mode option. You can now logon as an administrator and XP wont prompt for the password. Incase of an administrator account try rebooting the pc in DOS. access C:\Windows\system32\config\sam . Rename SAM as SAM.mj

    Now XP wont ask for password next time You Login. Also

    Go to the cmd prompt .

    Type net user *.

    It will list all the users.

    Again type net user "administrator" or the name of the administrator "name" *.

    e.g.: net user aaaaaa *(where aaaaaa is the name).

    It will ask for the password.

    Type the password and there you are done.

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    4 years ago

    there could be an account on your pc that doesn't require a password referred to as Administrator. that's relatively elementary whilst some one gadgets up a working laptop or pc, that they do no longer placed one in. you do no longer many times see this account once you initiate, yet once you boot into secure mode you will see it. besides into secure mode, oftentimes, you skill up the pc and once you spot the black BIOS exhibit screen (the only previously the XP exhibit screen seems which oftentimes has the call of the pc producer), faucet the F8 key till a exhibit screen comes up which has boot possibilities, certainly one of it relatively is secure mode. a team of device information will load and be numerated on the exhibit screen, and then the login exhibit screen will arise. decide for Administrator and if a it asks for password, attempt in basic terms hitting return and if no administrator password replaced into set, it permit you to in. as quickly as in, you may bypass into person money owed from administration panel and reset any passwords which you will possibly desire to, then close down and initiate many times alongside with your new password. in case you get "keyboard blunders" once you faucet that F8 key, it oftentimes skill you all started tapping too quickly, so close down and attempt back. stable success.

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    All you have to do is to go to a computer store, i recommend best buy and buy a pc reboot cd and instert it.

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