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What's wrong w/ people?

Why is it so hard for some people to grasp the concept that words hurt? Why can't people just shut up and keep their thoughts to themselves?

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    I read a book called "The Four Agreements". A short, easy read. One of the agreements was to not take things personally as everything everyone says or does is based on their own experiences. We cannot change them, the only thing we can change is our perception. I read this book 5 years ago, in about 45 minutes, at the end of the book tears were rolling down my face. Partly in relief and partly because I had lived so long being hurt by other people unnecessarily. I practice the principle now and it helps. I am not saying I don't get hurt any longer, I just know now that I don't have to be.

    So when someone is offensive, such as the above "Retard", I know that I can ignore him. I may say something, but then I leave it alone.

    "You have no friends, you have no enemies, you only have teachers." The lesson? Forgiveness = Unconditional love. Whether they teach us by attacks against our race or attacks against our financial districts, the message is the same. Forgiveness = Unconditional love. Love is the greatest power in the universe. Available to all who seek.


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    People who lash out with words that hurt are called bullies and usually its because they have low self esteem, therefore they want to be the first to strike out.

    For instance look at the guy who just answered you I hate N I G G well you know who I mean, that just shows a very low intelligence and understanding.

    You are not going into much detail here but know that people who do that are worse off than yourself and should be pitied and not exalted by letting them get to you, show them your indifference and they will look for another target. If you see someone being attacked in that way speak out and let the attackers know that that is no longer acceptable in society and we now have their number and spread it around they will either quit that job or change their ways. Good luck and pray for guidance in all things peace.

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    Some people should use their pie holes for pie and nothing else. There are a lot of insensitive boors out there who talk just to hear themselves, without regard for anyone elses feelings. You aren't going to change that, so the only other realistic alternative is to grow a thicker skin, and try to ignore them.

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    Unfortunately it is human nature to be influenced by ignorant people that surround them. Luckily there are the rare few that know words can hurt and do their best not to use them.

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    I don't know whether the people you speak of who are hurting you are doing it deliberately or not, but either way, it helps to remember that if this person were the kind of person you had any respect for, they would be the kind of person who would encourage you instead of trying to bring you down. And if they are the kind of person who brings others down......well then they are not the kind of person whose opinion you value anyway.

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    Somebody was probably mean to them too, possibly their parents. People aren't perfect - if they were, they wouldn't be people. Learn to ignore the baddies and keep the nice ones close.

  • ummmm maybe talk 2 nice people like me most nice people dont say stuff to hurt u

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    Because they are TRYING to hurt someone with their words.

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    Yes, I agree.

    However, you are spreading the negative energy by stating this.

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    we all know it happens and its part of life, although there is a very good chance your just letting out anger, you gotta understand that it happens to everyone.

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