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Is eating pop rocks just as bad as having a soda?

I know they have all of the carbonation in them... so is that as unhealthy as soda? They only have something like 15 calories in a package..... making them one of my favorite candies!! Are they even ok or is there something realy unhealthy about them because i havent seen them anywhere for a long time!!


im glad they didnt take them off of the market because they were killing people or something cuz i just ate a pack!!!

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    I saw them at 711 this morning actually-

    They are just simple sugar that is carbonated. They aren't what I would call healthy, but healthier then a soda.

    15 calories for a junk food is pretty good.

  • John R
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    I agree with DIESEL W. It is sugar and carbonated water. Coke has 120-150 calories but Pop Rocks. 10% the calories. It's what I call the OK junk food.

  • Anonymous
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    Rice Krispies and milk is worse! They go snap, crackle, and pop in your stomach!

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    Good question.

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