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Is this a used car GEM or a DUD? Should I jump on it ASAP???????

1999 VW Passat Wagon TURBO

Auto & a/c

80k miles

$6000 (used to be $11000)

3 month warranty

7 day money back guarantee

carfax certified

safety checked


Should I??????????????

How are they in terms of reliability?

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    Look at all these dealer haters here, wow, amazing they can ever buy a car themselves.

    VW's will always sell cheaper than the book, because they arent a very demanding car by the public, in fact, offering deals like this is about the only way to sell them.

    Nothing wrong with a VW, they have a decent reputation as far as dependability goes- the problem is WHEN they break down.

    Parts are high, and most mechanics dont do VW's, leaving you to take it to a dealer for repairs, which is big money.

    So, the choice is up to you..if it was me, Id have the car checked by a VW mechanic prior to buying it, and base my decision off what he/she tells me.

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    I'd be suspicious. Dealer retail on that is about $9,000.00 according to Kelly Blue Book. "Was" prices are meaningless. And something being sold for well below book is highly suspicious, especially if it's being offered with a warranty. Remember the old maxim: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

    CarFax certified is only meaningful if YOU do the check yourself. Get the VIN from the vehicle (do NOT trust the dealer, "mistakes" can be made) and run the check yourself.

    What does the warranty cover and what are it's terms? A 3-month 50-50 warranty isn't worth the paper it's printed on. A full bumper-to-bumper warranty would have some value, assuming that the dealer will still be around in 3 months.

    Read the terms of the "money back" guarantee VERY CAREFULLY. Many will require a "restocking fee" of 10% or more, plus absurd per-mile charges. And they often only give you credit against another vehicle on the dealer's lot, not a full cash refund.

    Don't be impressed by "Turbo". There were only 2 engines on that model. A 4-cyl turbo or a V-6. Turbos are very sensitive to regular maintenance and care. Regular oil changes are more critical with a turbo, as is use of the proper oil. Unless the seller has a full service history there's no way to know if that was done properly.

    "Safety checked" probably only means that it has a current saftey inspection. That's meaningless since states with inspection programs require dealers to provide a current safety inspection on any vehicle sold to the general public.

    Reliability of VW's has been average to slightly below average on most models.

    Take the car to a VW dealer or trusted mechanic and have it thoroughly inspected. The dealer can also pull a maintenance and recall history from the factory computer system. The $100.00 or so that an indpependant inspection costs is cheap insurance considering the cost of major repairs.

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    Put on your brakes. Usually, if it's too good to be true, it usually is. There's one thing about VW Turbos that a lot of people are not talking about. Sludge buildup in the engine from infrequent oil changes. The first indication of that is sludge buildup on the oil fill cap. If there is evidence of that, take the valve cover off, which is no easy feat, and inspect the top of the engine for sludge. Oil sludge looks like someone put ground up charcoal in your engine. Chrysler 2.7L V-6's have the same problem. If you see sludge, stay away. Records of services would be nice for you to have. That's not something that sellers of vehicles throw away, or lose. Just be careful, and get the vehicle checked out before buying.

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    6k for an eight year old VW is steep in my book but to each his own. Resale for VW wagons is at rock bottom, which could account for the low(?) price and 80K miles is peanuts for a modern vehicle. Still, I would rather sink six large into a used Honda. Maintenance is much less and will be more reliable than any VW.

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    Be like me: get the vehicle inspected by a competent mechanic and PAY for this. I might cost $150, but it could save you thousands. I will NEVER buy a used vehicle without getting it inspected by "my" mechanic.

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