where to buy a notebook pc that loaded with windows xp 64 bit ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you can get a hewlett packard laptop with windows xp media center edition and an AMD 64 processor.


  • 1 decade ago

    When you are ready to buy a new system, go to www.stupidcheapcomputers.net. I buy all of my stuff from them, and everything is Vista ready.

    Microsoft is about to release its latest operating system, Vista, in January. It’s going to make all of these “bargain” computers nothing but JUNK as soon as it’s released. The reason that you are seeing so many cheap systems on the market right now is because a lot of them CAN’T RUN Vista and the merchants are trying to dump them as hard and fast as they can before Vista shows up and everyone learns what a piece of crap they were sold for $500 (or whatever).

    Anyway, I bought a complete, new system from stupidcheapcomputers.net with a warranty for LESS than it would cost me to build it myself or order a custom one from the manufacturer. You can use my frequent buyer code: ATX926. That will get an additional 10% discount at checkout.

    I have NEVER had any problems with anything that they have sold me and their customer service is outstanding. Those guys blow my mind.

    Good luck!

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