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OK..How do you put a music video on your Y360 blog?

I can't figure it out

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    You can embed videos from YouTube, Google Video, or Yahoo Video in a blog entry.

    For YouTube:

    On the right side of the videos on YouTube, you'll see "Embed".. copy the HTML tag that starts with "<object width">.

    When you go to edit or compose a blog entry:

    1. Check the box near "View HTML source" [it's under the white text area/left side of your page]

    2. Paste the HTML tag from YouTube into the text area

    3. Add text and preview. If the code is right, the video will show up in Preview.

    This website gives you directions on how you can place videos from YouTube, Yahoo Video, and Google Video to your blog:

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    Well I put one on my blast if you want to do that

    step 1. Go to

    Step 2. Choose a song/video

    Step 3. Right click on ur title of the song

    Step 4. Right click on the URL on ur blast area

    Step 5. Paste and enjoy

    P.S to listen to it there will be a sign that says >>Click here

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    you will possibly desire to get carry of the video and placed it promptly into the psp. You try this with the help of connecting the psp with the pc with the help of employing usb cable, and hit usb mode on the psp. it will bring up the psp's inner folders, and there might desire to be a folder that asserts video. Open that, and drag the video into that folder. And thats it!

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