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4 Countries , form a huge country?

I doubt this will ever happen. But if one country were to form into a huge country with 3 other countries , what would those countries be?



Those are just examples. What do you think? This doesn't have to do with anything , It's just a bit of fun.

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    I dont think it would ever happen. The USA is completely different from Canada and Britian. I dont see them coming together. Or your other example. Never.

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    A combination of Russia, Germany, and China would... Well, I don't think that Russia and China could really get along, and Germany might (or probably will) have some problems. Even an alliance of some sort (at this time, at least) seems highly improbable.

    U.S.A., Canada, and Britain becoming one seems improbable, but not so much when compared to the great Russo-Germano-Chinese Union. I could see them in some sort of an alliance (for example, something similar to a NAFTA-ish sort of thing mixed with NATO *might* be plausible). But otherwise, it doesn't exactly seem possible. For one thing, Canada's part of the Commonwealth while America isn't. Britain is a Constitutional Monarchy and America is a federal constitutional republic; something has to change with the government, and I don't see Britain changing their tradition of having a monarchy for anything soon. So, sorry to ruin your fun, but none of them seem plausible.

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    Utter turmoil! i do no longer think of they could do this. There are too many cultural, political and financial ameliorations. the closest journey could be us of a/Canada?super Briatin yet devoid of being geographically close (the latter with the 1st 2) it may be confusing in lots of different approaches besides. If it have been purely 2, say, us of a/Canada or France/Germany yet there lower back they have 2 thoroughly diverse languages. unusual thought.....

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    im assuming it would be some coutries that havn't really devolped yet. ones that are relatively new would be more inclined to join another "mother" country. i can't think of any real examples, but those are just some ideas.

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