Explaining the multiple meanings in the title “A doll’s house”.?

this is one of Henrik Ibsen plays

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    Initially Nora, our heroine, is perceived as being shallow and empty, much like a doll. However, as the play unfolds she is shown to be much more substantive but she is restricted by the societal restrictions placed upon her and chafes under the role in which she must play, much like a child manipulates a toy doll. House can mean the literal wood and mortar structure or the human members making up the family, extended and immediate. As the play progresses we begin to see each member of the house in radically different light from the beginning.

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    Although I have not read this play and must admit you have peaked my curiosity, the multiple meanings here are very clear. A doll's house definitely describes an actual dollhouse that a young girl would play with her doll's in. I believe the next meaning suggested is that the owner of this dollhouse, the young girl, becomes the "real-life doll" in her adult life because she is "kept" by her owner in a larger scale model house and ordered what to do and how to live her life, thus being exectly the same but the male owning this "dollhouse." At one time she was the doll owner and now she is the doll owned.

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    Nora has gronw up in a Dolls House. First with her father, her catered to her every whim, treated her like a fragile porcelain doll.

    The the same was true of Torvald, who upon marrying her, set her up in his own doll's house. He also babied her, and treated her as such. Afte the ordeal with Krogstad, and her percepetion oof Mrs. Linde's independence, Nora starts to realise that life is not so perfect. When it all comes to a head and Torvald starts telling her how worthless of a woman she actually is and she cannot raise the children, she realises that in her marriage she is once again a doll. So she closes the door on the Doll House forever.

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