Local & OTR Driver Pay Scale?

I swore off Yahoo answers during finals but I have a question and I sure hope that someone can help me!

I need a web site or anything really that can give me a recent pay scale for Local Semi truck drivers that haul Fuel & Diesel. Companies like, Giant / Flying J or any other fuel transport company cross country/local.

thank you so much!


Our pay is by the hour but I was just wondering about how much all the fuel drivers were getting paid. Been with the company for almost five years now and the pay is a little over 17.00 an hour. I was wondering if It was time to ask for a raise.

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    local drivers have a hourly pay scale from $10 to 14 dollars an hour and otr drivers get payed mileage which can vary from .28cents a mile to .45 cents per mile . thats from my experience as a truck driver most fuel transport companies get hourly pay .

  • Adam
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    1 decade ago

    Your mixing the jobs up. Petro, Flying J's TA's all receive diesel from a local driver. VERY UNLIKELY it would be cross country for that price of 11.00 an hour. Dupre has a tank side and runs diesel throughout La/Tx /Ms/Ark/Tenn.

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