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How many drinks an hour do you usually have at a party?

What do you drink?

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    2 or 3 depending how on how much talking I'm doing. If I'm at a more upscale party I drink wine or cosmopolitans. If I'm at a good old house party I drink vodka and cranberry juice.

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    How many do I have? Or how many should you plan on serving? I try to be conservative and have no more then 1 drink per hour if it's alcoholic. however most entertaining books will tell you to plan on 2 drinks per person per hour if you're trying to figure out how much to purchase.

    I like to drink vodk and a mixer or crown royal and sprite. but a nice glass of Pinot Grigio is always nice also

  • jeff
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    At least 5 drinks,if having good time more.

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    maybe only one or two ...two is the most but i wiat for a long time until i have my 2nd drink if i even take a second drink...most of the time its one but on ocassion i may have a 2nd one...i drink vodka and lemonade or cranberry apple juice, ive had vodka a flavored water not all at same time

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  • 3 thats it but if there is many i usually drink as many as possible like ten but only coke

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    1 an hour. High Quality vodka and grapefruit. High quality liquor prevents hangovers. 2 drinks made with avg or low quality liquor will make me sick.

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    I'm sensible.

    I drink water.

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    depends...if the shots come out it is gonna be a wild night.

    If it is a like a Christmas party- 1 per hour

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    Zero Zip Nada I Don't Drink . . .

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    Two, usually, I guess. I like plum wine and rice sake.

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