I need some Ideas to get for an aunt and uncle from my children something not so expensive and cute any ideas?


I have 18 month old b/g twins

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    You don't say anything about the aunt and uncle's interests or the children's ages. As an aunt I always like the gifts the children picked out themselves better than the ones the parents picked out for them. Have you asked your kids what gifts they would like to give?

    some ideas:

    If you have the time, a small booklet of pictures and stories so the aunt and uncle will know what the children have accomplished this year.

    Have the children make a card for them. Even toddlers can do this. Give them a piece of construction paper, glue, sparkles, and some misc. craft items. For younger children, have them tell you where to put the glue and help them drop the item they pick onto the glue. Most likely, when they are done, it will look like a cute mess.

    Sand sculptures or pictures - they sell the kits in Walmart.

    Also in Walmart, are coffee mugs that the children can color, or you can put pictures of the kids on.

  • what about a mug each from the Disney store.

    The uncle can have a boyish one like toy story & the Auntie can have a tinkerbell one.Or you could go to Marks & spencers.

    They have a buy 2 get 1 free on their gift ranges, they have a lot of nice things to choose from & are very reasonably priced

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    Get one of those double frames that are ufinished wood. Remove the glass and have them fingerpaint their "side" with their chosen color or sponge paint. Then put a nice photo of each. The painting can be done in an empty tub with an easy cleanup and you can start introducing color!!!

    Hope This Helps!


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    kinda hard to tell their age by the tiny picture but my two year old and i made some christmas ornaments for our family members with some popsicle sticks, glue, glitter and a picture of us together. just make a frame out of the sticks and you can color or paint them if they're old enough and help them glue them together. the next day once they're dry, decorate with glitter and whatever else you can find around the house or at the craft store.

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    My toddler loves making ornaments with pipe cleaners. They're easy for her to handle and are very inexpensive. I buy a bag of different colored beads (the cheap ones), and she strings the beads on the pipe cleaners. I then bend them into different shapes (candy canes, wreaths, etc), attach a hook, and hang them on the tree or in a window. The clear beads make great sun catchers. Best of all ... it keeps her busy for hours!

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    Let them make help you make some chocolate covered oreos or pretzels. You can bag them up in some cute bags. My little one is going to help me make ornaments with glue and glitter to give to their aunts and uncles this year.

  • Ashwee
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    Get them a cute picture frame and put your kids pics in the picture frame.

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    my young nieces and nephews give me presents from a dollar store. their parents give them the money and they choose what they want me to have for christmas. it's interesting, it's funny, it's adorable and from their hearts...that's all that counts.

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