trouble with wireless networks, how do I get rid of a network?

to make a long story short, i did the comcast internet self install. I bought a Linksys router and was online (modem to labtop) and was trying to set up the router and a network but was having problems. I called Linksys and the woman walked me through to try and get a network to work. We made a network called 'Bill' to test it out but had no luck. The conclusion was the router was problematic and to get a new one.

I got a new Ativa router, set up a new network (not 'Bill') and it works great, however my labtop still wants to connect to the 'Bill' network. How is this network still even there if I made it on the Linksys router and that router is now returned to the store I got it.

My labtop is prioritizing networks to connect to. First is 'Bill' which has no connectivity, then my new network which works great. How do I get rid of the 'Bill' network?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You need to refresh network lists and connect to the network you want to use and change the order of preferred networks and remove bill under preferred networks

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