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Do you consider yourself to be a shallow person, or deep?

In an emotional standpoint of your life, how would you rate yourself? How about physically, or romantically? Is your outlook on life negative, or positive? Do you find happiness in small things, or are you judgemental?

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    Shallow... sometimes, I think am too unforgiving. Although, that is with only very few people (three) in my life. I'm sure one day I will be able to forgive them for what they have done but not today ( or any day soon).I am deep because I tend to give a lot of things and subjects a lot of much thought ( I'm not one for rash decisions). Emotionally, I think that I am as healthy as anyone can expect of me ( considering certain circumstances), but I love my life there is nothing that has happened that I feel bitter about or anything that I regret. Physically, I am healthy and as active as my lifestyle has time for. I would love to go to the gym more than twice a week but its too hard to schedule it in. Romantically, I have loved but unfortunately wasn't loved in return, but I know my prince is out there somewhere ( I know that someday I'll get my happy ending). My outlook on life is overall positive, I'm generally happy, cheerful, and maybe a little bit hyperactive (just a little though), but I don't have illusions about things. I find happiness in the small things and the small things that make me smile are what make up a large part of my world.

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    i'm not shallow at all

    emotionally very healthy, thank you

    best shape physically of my life

    romantically nothing going on

    outlook is rather neutral at this point

    i am not judgemental other than on yahoo answers lol

    i like the small things, the things with meaning, not the materialistic

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    i'm someplace in between "shallow" and deep :D... I often times choose a injury from thinking, meditating, so I connect with shallow human beings to forget approximately and.. be shallow.. i think of, the "deep" form of character is greater in all likelihood to advance psychological ailment.

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