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An object's motion is judged w/ respect to another object/point. The idea of absolute motion/rest misleading?

Can you please explain this to me. I am a bit confused with what it means. Thanks!

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    It's basic Einsteinian relativity.

    An easy example is the earth itself. For millenia people thought that the earth was static and that all other bodies moved around it, because that's how it looks from the earth's surface.

    However, from a point deep in intergalactic space, one would perceive that the earth rotates upon its axis while orbiting the sun, which in turn orbits the center of the Milky Way galaxy, which itself moves through the cosmos.

    How one perceives it depends on the vantage point from which one views it.

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    An object's motion is the action taken and the reaction to that action.

    Newton's Laws.

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    imagine you are in a train

    the bottle in front of you doesn't look to be moving?

    but if you look at the bottle from outside the train she is moving when the train is moving?

    on a larger scale it's the same if you consider the earth like a train

    it all depends on you point of view

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