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Is it possible that Jesus Christ has a living descendants?

Because it`s very controversial that Mary Magdalene became the wife of Jesus Christ...Considering he lives 100% human on earth like us...

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    Watch or read the DaVinci code.. it really makes a good case and a very interesting story about this... it could be possible.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Possible? Yes, it is possible. During the time he lived as a man on Earth, Jewish men almost always married and he is supposed to have lived 100% on earth like us. Also, it appears from bible readings that they had a very close personal relationship.

    However, I do not believe that he did marry or have children with anyone because I think it would be in the Bible, if he had. Also, most theologians and historians (Christian and non-Christian) do not believe this is true either. There is no evidence. The few thoughts I have heard saying that experts do believe he married and have children discuss preserving the bloodline - which I believe would not have been in Jesus' mind to do. Why would would it? When he was and is and always will be.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    The Bible is the last place you want to go to and find facts about Jesus life. Lets look at the facts. Jesus was a revolutionary rabbi. Jesus protested the Jewish temples stance on sacrifice. Jesus had a fallowing which threaten the powerful and rich Jewish leaders and priests. The Jewish leaders and priests complained to the Romans who ruled the area. The Romans were losing their grasp on their empire and had a very negative and very dismal presence in that area of the world. So the Romans, out of fear of a revolution and losing their land, killed Jesus. Those are all facts that can be proved with more sources out side of the bible. If you want to go as far to speculate what his life was really like. Look at how rabbi's acted during that era. Read the books that didn't make it into the bible. Read other documents. It is my understanding that most rabbi's of that era were encouraged to get married and have a family. So the possibility of Jesus having children is very high.

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    Yes, we are the living descendants of Jesus Christ.

    Source(s): The Bible
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    Although the bible doesn't speak of this does it really matter? That obiously was not his purpose in life it would have merely been events that helped to give self satisfaction.... obviously god does not codemn marriage or children. I say no he has no biological descendants... but even if he did or does what does it really matter? This question will continue to be debated but never answered justly. Either you believe in Christ or you don't.

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    Being one of the wisest men on earth, I think Jesus would have forseen the problems that would come about from having offspring. Any offspring might be thought of by others as being better than the average person, which could bring about more seperation than adherence.

  • Well, those who take Dan Brown as gospel truth would say so, but not to sound too arch, but I will settle for the Gospel's truth, and say that He had no living descendants in the human sense of the word, but rather that we are all His children in some way, whether we ackonwledge His love or not.

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    the di vinci code is a FICTIONAL BOOK, and is based on a artists paintings, the artist was not alive even within 500 hundred years of jesus being alive, so forget tht for an option

    nyway in th bible it says jesus dnt have any chilredn so he wont have any decendents.

  • boots
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    There is not really much literature from this era that could say for sure one way or another...Possible? yes. Probable? don't think so, unless you consider that we are all children in Christ (if you're Christian).

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There is no record of anything like this, and you would think that after 2000 years, there would be rocords somewhere...wouldn't you? The DiVince Code was a good book, that that is all it is...a book.

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