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Will Jeff Garcia play (week 14)? And score more than Marc Bulger?

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    Yes, Go with Jeff Garcia. Garcia played well last week and he's playing with a lot of confidence. Good for 2 TDs maybe even 3 if he rushes around.

    Bulger will probably have the better upside game if it becomes a shoot-out but Chicago isn't likely to let that happen. The only thing to worry about is if the Bears get up early, Bulger will throw every down if possible.

    Still, go with Garcia as he'll be the safer pick

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    LOL, I have the same 2 people in my fantasy team, I picked up Jeff Garcia. Bulger is playing the Bears..who obviously have the best defense. but he's playing at, it's a hard choice..but the way that Garcia has been playing, it's hard to bench him. I went with Garcia, strictly cause he's been playing really well. My advice is Garcia, he's projected to have more points than Bulger too..but we know how the projections go. But if you happen to have Steven Jackson on your team too..go with Bulger, just because he makes things happen with the ball, and they do a lot of screen passes to him. Good Luck.

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    Easy question, YES and YES! The bears will eat up Bulger this week and force a few turnovers, so go with Garcia with confidence.

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    Garcia will be the man for the Eagles again. Bulger numbers will be down against the Bears, but do not bet against him in favor of Garcia.

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    Jeff garcia will play because McNab is out for the season. and the man you need is Garcia.

    1. More expeirence

    2. hot hand

    3. healthy receivers

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