English help (from french)?

How do you say : "Quelqu'un pense à toi"

Is it :

- "someone thinks of you" (word by word traduction)

- "Someone remenber of you"

- or something else ? (to keap the meaning)


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    Your first option is the correct one. It is: "someone thinks of you". It can also mean" someone is thinking about you".

    The second interpretation is often used in a "superstitious" context, for example something happens to you and is interpreted as occurring because someone, at that given moment, is thinking of you.

    The same expression can therefore mean that someone is always thinking about you or is thinking about you at a precise ,moment. The context will determine the use.

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    It is "somebody thinks of you."

    Quelqu'un: Sombody or Someone.

    Pense: thinks

    à : in

    de: of

    De vous: of you

    but when you combine the 'à ' witht the 'Toi' which means you "à toi", It will change to 'with you' or simply 'you'

    "somebody thinks about you", it will change to this "Quelqu'un vous pense"

    My mother was my french teacher. She is part french, and many parts critical. oh, Mon Dieu. une combinaison mortelle.

    Bonne chance, nous tous en avons besoin.

    Good Luck, we all need it. :)

  • 1 decade ago

    quelqu'un =somebody or someone

    pense=is thinking

    a toi=of you

  • 1 decade ago

    Someone is thinking about you.

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  • JJ
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    1 decade ago

    Someone's thinking of you, or about you.

  • 1 decade ago

    some body thinks of you

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