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what state did the postal killings take place? I know the answer. If you get it right I'll give you the points


the first state the postal killing occured i'll give a clue. The city was Edmond. You must guess the State.

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    Oklahoma? I was going to say California until I saw Edmond.

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    There was a postal killing earlier this year. Where a woman gunned down 6 people at a mail prossessing plant. Good luck on finding a best answer because nearly all the states have had postal killings. It was in San Diego Calif.

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    1) Postal Killings have happened in a number of states

    2) You don't give points Yahoo does

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    Well, Edmond is in Oklahoma so I guess that's it.

  • Florida.

    Either that, or the state of confusion. Maybe the state of dementia?

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    If you know the answer, then why ask the question?

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