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how do I put my hair into frenchbraided pigtails?

I snowboard alot in the winter and i really want an easy way to do my hair so it stays out of my way and looks cute. I would love to put them into two braided pigtails but since my hair is layered they always fall out. I've had my hair french braided in pigtails before and it looks very cute and stays in very well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    i used to french-braid my short choppy hair all the time. first, you'll need some mousse, hair wax, or pomade to smooth out your hair so it's sticky. part your hair into two sides. when you start braiding, braid it once first (right strand over middle strand, then left strand over middle strand), then take some hair that's right below and underneath the right strand and blend it into the right strand, then braid that strand (now thicker) over the middle strand. take some hair that's right below and underneath the left strand, blend it into the left strand, then braid it over the middle strand. repeat these steps until you're at your neck and you've run out of hair to blend. keep braiding until you want to stop and you're finished!!

    some tips: hold the strands and braid as tight as you can because it doesn't look nice when it's sloppy or loose. hairspray a LOT when you're done because when you're grinding snow, the wind can blow out your hard work.

    it took me a lot of practice to do it right. good luck!

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    You part your hair down the middle and put one side in a pigtail while you braid the other side. Then take the side thats up and then braid it.

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    once you're searching for extra workable waves, i might advise putting your moist hair into 2 braids previously you bypass to mattress and not brushing it or getting it moist interior the morning. putting the hair in 2 braids extremely than 2 plaits skill which you will have extra organic curls without the kink you get the place the initiating of the plait replaced into. One reason that your hair must be getting frizzy is when you consider which you're loosening your curls too lots. My hair can get very frizzy above shoulder length, so I used to bathe it at night, artwork a small volume of volumising mousse via and then braid it for mattress. interior the morning, I wore a shower cap and did no longer touch my hair till after i replaced into thoroughly dressed. Then, I gently worked my palms via the curls so as that i did no longer seperate them. yet another must be that your hair is dry, so placed on a moisturising hair mask a minimum of as quickly as a week and check out the form of shampoo you employ. i like to placed on a bypass away in conditioner spray once I wash my hair because of fact it provides a severe high quality shine without the grease of particular products. It additionally facilitates the hair to set without frizzing. So, in short, possibly stick to an afro comb or extensive toothed comb rather of a broom, in no way brush your hair whilst that's moist (use a comb), pull your hair back whilst that's moist so it dries 'tamed' and in line with probability check out curl serums.

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    I know everytime my wife wants her hair frenchbraided she had to go to a salon to have it done. When she gets tired of it at home or it's hot she puts it up in a "Pebbles" (she calls it)..and it is the cutest thing. She uses one of those scrunchees and even though it's layered it does stay up good....

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