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Help! my cat always poops on my bed!?

my beutiful cat (solid white) keeps pooping on my bed and its driving me insane!! Im having to keep her in the bathroom all the time b/c she will do her buisiness just about anywhere. She knows how to use a litter box-how come shes doing this?

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    my cat used to do the same thing only he went on the rug in my bathroom and it was really annoying. she may be doing this if there is a major change in the house; we got a new puppy and even though we have another dog that my cat gets along with, he probably felt he wasn't getting enough attention. there are many things that you can try, you could switch to cat attract which is a litter that cats love, get a new litter box that cleans itself, unless you clean yours after every time she goes to the bathroom, put a plastic blanket type thing over your bed during the day, or, most importantly give her a lot of extra attention because she may feel she isn't getting enough and trying to remind you she's there- i don't usually let my cat sleep with me but recently i have been letting him and we got him a new litter box and the problem has stopped so just try a few of these things.. good luck!

    Source(s): i had a cat with the same problem
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    Cats usually house-soil for two reasons: 1) the litter box isn't adequate, or 2) the animal has a medical condition.

    Your problem sounds to us as though the cat is dissastified with the litter box it's been provided. Cats are fastidious and will not tollerate litter boxes that are messy. You have to clean the box every day. Some cats will not use the box if its sides are too high or the box is too small for them. Some cats require privacy for their toileting behavior; putting a cardboard box over the litter box (with an opening in the side so the cat can still get to it, of course) may help the cat to like the litter box. some cats can't stand the smell of highly scented cat litter; try using one that's more basic.

    It's also advisable to take to your cat to its vet to rule out any physical problem that may be causing it to lose control of its bowels.

    Confining the cat to the bathroom "all day" is NOT a solution.

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    she can still smell the feces smell on your bed, even though you've cleaned it up good enough for you - therefore she will still consider it a toilet. Try getting a covered litter box and cleaning it every day, and praise her when she does use it. Also, don't lock her in the bathroom! Cat's are very spiteful and will do stuff like that just to tick you off!

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    tis quite possible that she is spiteful towards you for locking her in the bathroom all the time. Or for some other reason.

    I realize this is a catch 22 situation for you, and not a fun one at all.

    She may also be sick. Using the the bathroom where they're not supposed to is sometimes a good sign of illness. You may want to take her to the vet.

    Good LUCK!

    Source(s): 25 years of owning cats
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    try praising you kitty for going to the bathroom in the litter box. and get some bitter apple spray to spray on your bed. the smell won't bother you, but it should deter kitty from pooping there

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    perhaps theirs a particular heady scent or some thing that the cats attracted to lower than the mattress or its used to it. In petco or different puppy shops u might want to purchase a scent remover so the cat wont be attracted to the section anymore

  • ha ha thats funny! I guess it's just because she'd rather not use the litter box and would love to be free and do her buisness anywhere she wants.

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    She love you and giving you the best gift she can, a part of herself.

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    that's quite interesting..............maybe you could ask the vet?

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