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does anyone have a pot belly? AND HOW DO U GET RID OF IT!?

a belly thats just...big and every other part of your body is okay.....and even when u eat less it stlll there...

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    Stomach muscles tend to get weak and stretch. The only way I know of to get rid of the "Pot belly" is to do some cruches or just sit ups . Don't over do because your muscles will get ticked off just try three to five a day for a couple of weeks and see if that helps. Remember it took a while to get the pot belly and it going to take a while to get rid of it but when it's gone it's pretty easy to keep it flat. Good Luck.

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    Many patients ask me how they can slim down. I am against prescription pills because I prescribed them many years ago, and some of my patients became very ill.

    I now recommend that people eat right and exercise. However, if they would like a little "help", I now recommend Hoodia (it's important to note that not all Hoodia works well, even if the bottle says "pure" or "standard".

    The Hoodia being sold at http://www.alllsite.info/free-diet-pills.php is in my opinion, the best product on the market. It's pure, no side effects, and it's only $4.97 for 2 weeks (yes, less than $5 !). My patients have seen dramatic results with this particular Hoodia.

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    Do you exercise? That would help a lot if you are not already doing it. Crunches are good and those ab balls are great. Word on strenghening your lower back as well- pilates has some great work-outs for your lower back. Do you do any weight training? That would help. That and cardio.

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    Check out the Abs Diet by David Zinczenko - it's helped my dad with his potbelly alot!

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    Do tons of sit ups on one of those big excersize balls.

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    I have one. It helps to hold my boobs up. don't know what I'd do without it. Hubby signed us up for the YMCA...I guess I'll ask them.

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