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So your stuck on a desert island FOREVER............?

and I do mean forever. Assume food and water are easily found. If you could have a lifetime supply of seven products with you, what would they be? Please use name brands if possible.

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    las vegas whores

    generic antiobiotics and penacillin

    avian bottled water

    budweiser beer

    chiqita bananas

    Wendy's hamburgers

    Sea Ray motor boats

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    Well, that damned genie better give me a CD player or an iPod with an endless amount of battery life. What's the point of having ten albums if you have no way to listen? Awesome question though! Okay, let's see here... 1. Panopticon - Isis 2. A Sun That Never Sets - Neurosis 3. Ashes Against The Grain - Agalloch 4. The Shape Of Punk To Come - Refused 5. Oceanic - Isis 6. The Mantle - Agalloch 7. Brave New World - Iron Maiden 8. Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (for those lonely nights when the only company is a coconut) 9. The Sound Of Perseverance - Death (any Death album will do though) 10. Colors - Between The Buried And Me MQ: Well, I'd like to have put more thrash on the list, but hell, all this lengthy, drawn out music will last me a long time. MQ2: Yeah, I mean, I've already put in countless hours to each of these (listened to almost every single one at least 30 times, probably a lot more for certain albums). BQ: Cuba. Sam, I applaud your taste. I know who I can be stuck on an island with. Call me if you're ever in the Bermuda triangle, alright? And ugh, I forgot Botch and Baroness.

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    Lifetime supply of (1) Hawaiian Tropic Suntan Lotion (2)Bud Ice long neck (3) Heinz 57 steak sauce (4) Solar powered generator (5) Refrigerator (6) Dish Network satellite/TV combo (7) Holy Bible

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    1. Stihl Chainsaw

    2. Oral-b tooth brush

    3. Gerber Multi-tool

    4. 550 Cord

    5. Flint Stick by Coleman

    6. Arctic Cat Quad

    7. Gas from Shell

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    1. Ice - I don't know of a name brand...

    2. Crown Royal

    3. Ginger Ale

    4. Bud Lt.

    5. Marlboro Lts.

    6. Sun screen - any brand 30 SPF

    7. Valium

    Source(s): I wouldn't feel "stuck"...I'd be on vacation!
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    Guitar strings Dimebag Darrell Signature Series

    Axe Touch bodywash

    toothpaste/ tooth brush from Oral-B and floss

    Headache medicines, etc. From Nyquil/ Dayquil

    Doc Martin Steel-toed black leather boots/ socks

    Black/ Heavy metal CD's

    Batteries with my CD player.

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    1 decade ago

    A good Polish potato based trippled distilled vodka, some lemon trees for mixing, an ice machine, three dancing and sexing hula girls, who always stay 20 years old or less. Diet Coke and Eligah Craig 12 yearl old bourbon and my dog Franklin.

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    Sony 60 Inch Plasma screen tv, DirectTv Satellite, a generator, a computer with satelite internet access, Miller Lite, my Wii (and games), and Mike and Ikes.

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    Viagra if with female, Coca cola- love coke, lays potato chips-can't eat just one, xanax-great stress and anxiety relief, Marlboro, Tasters choice coffee, and lastly Wild Turkey Kentucky strait Bourbon. If I was alone then forget the Viagra and a vile of hemlock would suffice in its place.

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    1. My daughter

    2. My husband

    3. My Holy Bible

    4. Hershey's chocolate bars

    5. Ivory soap

    6. Crest toothpaste

    7. Three toothbrushes (for the 3 of us)

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    Bottled water (no specific name brand...any bottled water is fine for me)

    Banannas (dole? lol...or any bananas ,.... bananas are so great for so many reasons.... they're packed with nutrients)

    Strawberries (For when the bananas get boring)

    Centrum Multi-Vitamins

    A massage therapist

    A swimming pool



    Tooth brush and tooth paste (I like crest)

    My answers probably werent what you were looking for . ;) .... but the question was really neat. I cant wait to read what others write.

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