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How does someone sell their soul to the devil?


cuttie_464 open your eyes and see i am alive retrad

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retard idiot

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    GROW UP!!!!!!!! GET A LIFE!!!!!

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    It's very easy, I already sold mine but I didn't get much for it at all (it's been a couple years, I forget my quote). I went through and actually they were real sweet about the whole deal AND I got a new truck out of the deal. But then I crashed the truck before I even got it home and got a chance to insure it. I think I left all my karma in the soul so I will have to build that back up for sure.

    And you knwo the really cool thing...after I sold my soul I was exactly 21 grams lighter, just like they said. Only thing is, I'm like 11 THOUSAND grams overweight (I did NOT do the math right on that one - take it from me, selling your soul is NOT a good weight loss plan).

    Anyway, when you do sell your soul you do get on the soulless_bastard mailing list so you can meet some new friends at their social gatherings. Problem is they're all ---- pretty weird people. Cold. Icy. You look pretty hot though so I'd encourage you to doff that soul and come on over to the chilly side.

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    If you have not been born again. Which mean repent of your sins and asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life. Your soul already belongs to the king of this dark earth.(satan) Matthew 6:24:2 corinthians 4:4:1 john 2:15.

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    you sell your soul to the devil by believing into another god and not do things that represent the lord and wear black cause that represent the devil plus you can get a vudo book and cask spells

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    Does the devil really want to even buy souls anymore when there's so much corruption all around you?

    Look over there...

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    you'll find him standing on the corner of Home depot. just walk up to him and sell your soul. you'll get 5 bucks for it

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    With great difficulty...

    How much are you asking for your soul?

    I am looking to buy one.

  • By believing in God.

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    Why would they want to? so that they can burn for eternity.

    but if you have Jesus Christ in your heart you don't have to worry

    about it...

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