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Pick 2 RB's to start: McAllister, Jones, Houston, Washington or Williams?

I need to pick 2 RB's out of these guys

Deuce McAllister

Julius Jones

Cedric Houston

Leon Washington

DeAngelo Williams

I like Deuce and Cedric this week but I want some second opinions. If you guys see 3 that should start, I have a flex position going to Larry Fitzgerald right now so thats who he would have to start over.

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    Deuce and DeAngelo for this week. Deuce has been running strong and that game will be high scoring; he will power in a couple of short scores too. I also like the way DeAngelo Williams has been playing lately. Foster is still banged up and has been largely ineffective (I have the bum). Additionally, Giants defense has been weak on run lately.

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    you should start mcallister and d. williams trust me on this one this was an easy ? .

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