Will my dog be jealous??

I have had my gorgeous golden retriever Hector for nearly three years. My baby girl is due in February, and it's a random question but in your experience do pets get jealous of newborns?? How should I prepare him for it?

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    My dog was jealous but she never did anything to really show it...you could just see it in her eyes. She never growled or anything but you could tell that she knew she wasn't the only baby anymore. When we had the baby we brought home a blanket from the hospital that she had been sleeping with and put it in the dogs bed, before we brought our daughter home. That way our dog knew her smell and it wasn't totally unfirmiliar. I just never let the dog think i had forgotten about her. When the baby was napping i would take her outside and play with her so she had some one on one time without baby. now my daughters 6 and a half months old and when she plays on the floor the dog is right beside her and they absolutely love one another. just set your boundaries and make sure the dog knows them but never let him think you have neglected them cause then they do something to out lash. good luck and congrats on your little one!

    Source(s): mommy of 2, a little girl and a red nose pitt.
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    We were very worried about this when we were pregnant with our child. We had a Rat Terrier, Tea, and she was our baby. She got all of our attention and every ones attention when they visited our home. We were worried that she may become jealous and it would change her sweet behavior into something that wasn't so sweet because she is a very aggressive dog. When we brought Peyton home from the hospital we immediately let Tea see her. I held the baby and my husband picked up Tea and let her see what we had in the blanket. She smelled her and became very excited. We put Peyton's hand on her and Tea licked her hand. It was a very nice experience. Tea didn't become jealous. She loves Peyton and they play very well together, especially now that Peyton is 9 months old. We have taught her not to pull the doggy's ears and Tea has been taught not to lick the baby, it's fabulous!

    I am not sure how to prepare a dog for a new baby. We talk to Tea about the baby all the time when we were pregnant, but do dogs really understand...who knows.

    Good luck with your baby and your dog!

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    Golden Retrievers are noted as wonderful family dogs. I would recommend getting a book on dog training or contacting a Golden Retriever rescue group or going on-line to find some advice. You must teach your dog that the baby is "dominant", plus there are many ways to help your dog be accepting of the baby beforehand without feeling threatened. Rescue groups are great about giving information to help dogs adjust to any situation. They work hard and gather information to help an owner keep the dog in the home.

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    unfotunately his feelings are going to be hurt. he will get less attention.

    Start his training now, make sure they at least know these commands:

    -No Jumping up, sit/stay, walking nicely on a leash or with a stroller.

    -if the dog will not be allowed in the nursery, when the baby arrives, he should not be allowed in there now.

    or any other realted rules (off the couch/bed)

    -This is the hardest I find,... SLowly pay less attention to your dogs so that it is not a shock when you come home and pay all your attention to your baby. (As I started "nesting" I wanted to lavish my dog with attention!)

    -One of the things to think about is your dogs reaction to crying, How do your dogs react to loud noises?

    if you can get a tape of a baby crying or get your dogs around a baby this would be ideal. however without previous exposure to these noises your dogs will still adjust fine.

    Dont "comfort" (pet them and tell them it is ok) the dogs if they seem stressed about the noise, you will be sending a message that there is something to be afriad of, simply tell them to lay down, as the leader let them know there is nothing to be concerned about.

    -when you come home let daddy carry the baby in so you can have a chance to say hello to your first baby

    -make positive associations with the baby by bringing dog toys home with you.

    I teach dog training so my dog was very well behaved, the only problem being some hurt feeling and ironically she was better behaved as if to say see mommy? Im a good girl.

    WHen I first got home with the baby and looked at my dog, it was the wildest thing. She looked so different to me,... I had never noticed how huge her jaws were!

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    my parents got me and the dog at the same time, not problem we grew up together kind of

    my sister 3 1/2 years later, well the dog climbed into the crib and sat on her face trying to smother her to death, we lived on the first floor, and the dog went right out the window. the dog was OK, my sister went to the hospital and she was OK too

    some dogs do get upset, they say get a baby doll and do what you would be doing with the new baby, then have your husband bring home even the dirty diapers, and bed clothes and make the doll smell like the baby, then when you bring the new baby home, it will not be anything new to the dog, except the crying and the movements...maybe even get a doll that cries...several weeks before the baby comes...and go through the motions..

    but keep and eye on the dog ..even if it seems OK..

    better safe than sorry.

    good luck


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    My dog hates the baby, the first month he wouldn't even be in the same room as the baby. Don't get me wrong, my dog is no threat to the baby he just resents the whole thing.

    The only thing I suggest is if you are going to change something: like moving the food bowls, not letting your dog on the bed/furniture you should change it before the baby comes. Try not to change things the first month or so.

    Other than that there is no way to predict what your dog will be like.

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    I even have under no circumstances had any of my canine grow to be jealous of a domestic dog, yet I even have had them grow to be jealous of a clean older canine entering the family contributors. precise now you're able to offer the two canine equivalent volume of interest so which you're older one does not grow to be overly jealous of the recent domestic dog. the subsequent thank you to circulate approximately it fairly is in the adventure that your older canine is turning out to be too recommend with the little domestic dog, which you're domestic dog is yiping, you basically faucet your canine on the butt or nostril, not too not undemanding yet in undemanding terms an business enterprise faucet that shall we him know what he's doing is misguided. It additionally helps in case you start up out in a small room with the two. on each occasion your older canine treats your new domestic dog with kindness then you certainly compliment your canine, via petting him and giving him plenty interest he will start to realize the extra advantageous he performs with the domestic dog the extra interest he's going to get from you. yet another tip your canine is exhibiting whose boss, so which you will could supply him so leway so he can teach whose in charger around the abode. i wish this helps and each thing seems ok! :)

  • I don't have a dog but I know of people that used Johnson and Johnson on a blanket or something to get him used to the smell and they would watch like a Baby Story or something to let them hear the baby cry. I don't know if it helps but its worth a try

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    Yes they do, especially if you didn't have any kids prior to this one. When a baby is born all your attention goes to the baby. A dog is like a baby. You will be taking his attention away to give to the baby and they get jelouse. You need to train him that he needs to take care of the baby. It takes a little bit, but they will grow out of it.

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    Well start decreasing the attention you give him gradually, by the the time you really have to decrease the attention he will be used to it. But as your baby gets older you can give the same attention to both of them.

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