I have bought 220V Hair drier. Can I use it in India where voltage is 240V.?

My hair drier voltage specification is 220V. In india the voltage used is 240V. Can I use this 220V appliance in India..?.

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    it is more dangerous to run a motor at too low voltage (dangerous for burning up the motor), because lower voltage causes less resistance in the windings, and more amperage,

    and amperage creates heat more so than voltage.

    this is only for motors, not for lights or toasters, etc.

    voltage too high of course would break thru the insulation and create short circuit, but 220/240 are basically the same...

    voltage will vary throughout the day in most communities depending on the load,

    like during a heat wave when everybody uses air-conditioning,

    your house voltage might drop a few volts

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    1 decade ago

    Yes; the voltage specification covers a range of voltage, rather than an exact voltage.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, it's perfectly safe. The voltage specification will cover 220 - 240 v comfortably.

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    yes 220 or 240 v is the same. but if you have bought it in usa then it will be 110 volts. that you cant use you will need a converter to use . check out.

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    in india voltage is 200v so u can use it

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