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i have a gf wants me to be more romantic, how do i do that?

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    Treat her more like:

    She is the greatest person in the world.

    Bring her flowers chocolates and jewelry

    Take her on a walk followed by a picnic on the beach


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    there are different types of romantic, it really would depend upon your girl. do you greet her good nyt or good morning? ask how her day was? give her small gifts or something even though there's no occasion? ^__^

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    Suggest doing something different with her or better yet plan something to do for yoursefl but take her with you, do this alot and she should stop complaining.

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    You don't say what you do already??? Do you bring her flowers?? Do you hold her hand??? Do you look into her eyes like there is some interest there??? Or is she just there??? Think about it!!!

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    do everything slow sick and stupid:)

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