Where can I find information on other houses selling in my neighborhood?

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    1 decade ago
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    Listen to ogrendle " they even know the unlisted one's". So what he is realy saying is that realtors short the market by hidding what is for sale, hum do you think this false shortage created a houseing bubble???

    There is no one list of all the homes, you need to use a MLS from a Realtor and then you will still not get all that is for sale. Heck many places there are several MLS and new homes are not on the MLS nor are forecloses nor so called exclusive listings. Yea they made a false shortage how els do you think they drove up prices and made the housing bubble? It is on this web site.


    One day and soon i hope there will be a mandatory, county ran MLS that is publicly assessable, only then will there be a fare and honest housing market. Till then good luck, on even being able to find most of what is for sale.

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    1 decade ago

    Contact a Real Estate ageent and they can tell you. They even know the unlisted ones

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