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should i seek medical help?

ive had a sore throat for avout 3 days and its painful 2 swallow, and cough. when i look @ my throat in tonsils there's no redness, swelling, or pus though

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    If your throat is still sore after several days, then yes you should see a doctor. You could have a very bad infection of some sort or another. Don't take chances with your health, today it is a sore throat, tomorrow it could be something worse.

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    Three days isn't so long with a sore throat that it is something to get too excited about. But on the other hand, there are a few causes of sore throat that would be a lot wiser treated as soon as possible Especially this time of year, when you might be out Christmas shopping, and mingling in places where there are a lot of people breathing their germs into the air.

    It's good that you can't see any signs of redness or pus at the back of your throat, but it really does take the right medical tool to take a proper look and be sure. It wouldn't be a bad idea to pop into your doctor's office, and have the doctor just take a peek in there for your reassurance. I'm a great believer in "better safe than sorry" lol

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    I am not a nurse or medical doctor, but I still suggest you go and see a doc. However, have you tried the following in 3 days.

    1. Drink lots of water

    2. Take sore throat medicine

    3. Take Honey water

    It could be germs but if you do that you will get healed quicker. Very often, the 4th day you go to doctor, the 5th day you will be cured by itself.

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    I am a nurse and I suggest going to the doctor because you may have strep throat even though there is no redness.

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    I would think maybe you should go to your family doctor. It Could be strep, well it sounds like strep and, strep can seal off your airway.

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    you could have tonnsilits or strep throat

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