any ideas/thoughts on this paragraph?

Frank was brutally shoved into the wall. The man chasing him had finally caught him, and Frank was terrified of the mans wrath.

"Why did you try and run away" one man asked angirly, hitting Frank with his fist. "now ill have to go and grab your brother"

"you bastard," frank cried out. "leave him alone"

"i dont think so" the man said before hitting frank, leaving him uncontious.

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    Frank was grabbed and brutally shoved against the wall by the man who had been chasing him. Frank was terrified of the man's wrath.

    "Why did you try and run away?" the man asked angrily, pummelling Frank with his fist. "Now I'll have to go and grab your brother!"

    "You bastard!", Frank shouted. "Leave him alone!"

    "I don't think so," the man said before beating Frank unconscious.

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    The first thought is that Frank is the good guy, and the nameless one is the bad guy, but is that the actual case?

    what did Frank and his brother do to get this person so angry?

    will Franks brother get away?

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    If you are in Frank's need medical help. And you'd better dial 911 when you're awake!

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    Do you want me to proof-read your story?

    you may want to change

    angirly into angrily

    uncontious into unconscious

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  • lol i have herd that one and my ncle is freank so that is funny

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