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is 23yrs too old to still be having a problem with your weight?

i am looking for someone who can provide information on how to loose weight in a safe and effective way as well as how to keep it off.

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    DO not ever try any pills. Don't mess with your health. Diet pills can affect your heart and do some serious damage.

    The moviestar diet is a scam. All these diets that sound too good to be true...ARE to good to be true. There is no good diet if it says it is fast. You gain it all back and double. Be wise please.

    You can try www.sparkpeople.com

    It is a healthy way to lose weight.

    You type in how much you want to lose and by when etc...and they plan out your meals so you can achieve your goal. They have a calorie counter and everything. Plus they give you a fitness plan according to what type of exercising you like to do. The exercises can be done at home like dumbells, resistance bands & ball. You can also choose from walking, jogging,or a home video. There's many different options. It's like having a nutritionist and it is free. You also have support from the members. A real neat site. I'm quite impressed.


    God Bless!

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    Many patients ask me how they can slim down. I am against prescription pills because I prescribed them many years ago, and some of my patients became very ill.

    I now recommend that people eat right and exercise. However, if they would like a little "help", I now recommend Hoodia (it's important to note that not all Hoodia works well, even if the bottle says "pure" or "standard".

    The Hoodia being sold at http://www.alllsite.info/free-diet-pills.php is in my opinion, the best product on the market. It's pure, no side effects, and it's only $4.97 for 2 weeks (yes, less than $5 !). My patients have seen dramatic results with this particular Hoodia.

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    No, all people have problems with weight, at all ages. What ever you do, don't have a Gastric Bypass, that's EXTREMELY dangerous. Some die after they get it done because of lack of nutrients. Just eat healthy, try to be more active, and limit your portions to smaller amounts.

    Eat less as the day goes on...

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    Not at all, why do you say that. is it because you are overweight and embarrassed. Don't Be!! If you would like some tips of losing weight contact me on my email. I go to Weight Watchers and I was a big boy when I was younger, I have now lost nearly all of my weight and I would like to maintain a healthy weight the rest of my life.

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    if you happen to re cooking meals within the microwave probabilities are you re consuming dangerous packaged meals if you happen to have to microwave do not forget soy chook patties veggie burgers or steamer veggies and brown rice

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    no i'm damn near 30 and i'm having a bypass

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