How does Jack McCoy determine the severity of punishment, and what does man one mean?

Jack always says something like "man one", the defense attorney says "man two, 5 to 10", then Jack says, "the jury might give him life", the defense attorney says, "we can give you Mr. Big", Jack says, "then it's man two, 7 to 12, and he elocutes in part 12".

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    man one = manslaughter in the first degree...

    there are many degrees of crime, third, second first... etc... and one is the most heinous.

    The reason he knows the punishment is because the law says, if you are convicted of a crime you can receive a max of x years and he asks the judge to sentence to his number of years.

    When someone allocutes they admit they did it and plead out for mercy and receive a shorter term of sentence because they came clean.

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    The severity of punishment 1 is the highest and then the punishment gets less severe - elocutes means that he/she says what they did when the crime was done!@

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