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What would you call a house that peasants lived in during the medieval times?

Where can I find pictures of them?

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    Since the medieval period (middle ages) lasted a thousand years (A.D. 476 to A.D. 1492), and spanned more than a dozen countries from the balmy Mediterranean to the Arctic Circle, that's a pretty broad question. You might want to narrow it down: "What kind of houses did Saxon peasants before the Conquest live in?" or "What kind of houses did French peasants during the feudal period live in?"

    However, generally houses were simple and constructed from local materials. People looking down then might call the "huts" or "hovels"; people living in them might be more inclined to call them "crofts" or "cottages."

    In some areas, distinctictive local architecture arose, such as the "trulli" houses built in the Apulia (southern Italy). They were built of stone and used neither mortar, nor nails since those were taxed. Large conical roofs were developed that could be built in such a fashion, holding themselves in place by weight and gravity alone. In the far north of the Hebridies islands and in Iceland, turf-roof houses were developed since wood was scarce and turf makes a good insulator.

    As for pictures, if your looking for *English* pictures, try the Regia Anglorum site at:

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    ::The Lifestyle of Medieval Peasants::

    ... had to be done at certain times of the year. ... Peasants lived in cruck houses. ... Children would have slept in a loft if the cruck house was big enough. - 26k - Cached - More from this site

    Medieval Times

    ... Bishops, Abbots, Knights, and Peasants and briefly describe the role ... The learner will be able to list diseases that were common during medieval times.

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    Villages consisted of from 10-60 families living in rough huts on dirt floors, with no chimneys or windows.

    go to google for pics =]

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