what is hegemony and what influence dose it have in the global marker or market?

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    In the global market, an example of hegemony and its influence can be seen with China. With Chinas huge population and booming economy, the rest of the world is becoming dependent on them. If Chinas economy went bust, as a result of its HEGEMONY and dominance, it would have a domino effect, crippiling every other economy in its wake. Basically, in the economy. hegemony is dangerous, because the entire system is balancing on the strength of a few large countries, rather than balanced more equally. Hope this helps!

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    NOUN: The predominant influence, as of a state, region, or group, over another or others. hegemonic (hj-mnk) , hegemonism, hegemonist, , pl. hegemonies

    Additional references: Columbia Encyclopedia, Wikipedia

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    Hegemony (pronounced or ) () is the dominance of one group over other groups, ... Dick treats the concept of hegemony as one aspect of what he calls the Black ...

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