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How can you save the world from global warming?

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    Human population has been growing rapidly. It has crossed 6 billion mark in 1999.Per capita consumpyion of resources has increased to many times(e.g,25 lit of fresh waterto 250lit/day).This has stained in life supporting system of earth and brought a number of environmental changes on the global scale.

    Forest cover of the world was 50%of the land area in 1900, 40 %of the land in 19 50s and less thsn 30% in 2000.

    it has increased in desertification, irregular rainfall, more floods, increase in soil erosion, loss of perennial flow in rivers, reduced ground water and therefore, increased drought.

    This shows that the major factor in causing globle warming.So

    the most valuable and important thing is to plant trees as many as we can in our surroundings. Its the duty of every man to plant trees and also not to cut trees because trees are the major source of environmental cleaning.they inhale carbondioxide which is important pollutant on earth .

    beside forestation ,there should be

    (i)complete replacement of chloroflourocarbons with substitutes that have less effect on ozone and global warming.

    (ii)reduction in use of nitrogen fertilizers and instead relying more on nitrogen fixation.

    (iii)limiting use of fossil fuels by developing alternate sources of energy,e.g, solar energy ,wind energy.

    Source(s): from high school biology course.
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    The global warming group has insisted that one of the bad gases is CO2,and that is a big error. Granted the world generates billions of cf. a day ,but if u measure the CO2 u will find only 1 to 2 parts per million ,where did it all go. U have been hoodwinked in this and don't realize that mother has recycled our air for millions of years. There are these little green plants that absorber CO2 and give us back oxygen in a process called photosynthesis. If the CO2 is not there I suspect that neither does Global warming and worst than that it is political.

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    In the early Earth, there was no oxygen, but CO2 was everywhere. Photosynthesizing organisms, over a long period of time, turned that CO2 into O2. These organisms were not very complex - very similar to a green slime. Algae and phytoplankton are the closest modern day organisms to these ancient ones, and account for 50% of today's O2 production. By stimulating these algae and phytoplankton, we could drastically increase the CO2 intake and O2 output, meaning less CO2 is in the atmosphere. This would decrease the greenhouse effect and thus minimizing global warming.

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    We just set two nights of record lows. I'm all for global warming, I'm going to drive my '60s gas hog around to contribute. Just kidding, there is nothing we can do to significantly change the climate. It changes, the earth goes through warming cycles and cooling cycles. By the way, the earths average temp hasn't changed in 7 years. Global warming is a farce, just a way for the communist, and waco's to control you.

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    First and foremost we need to find out if it is real or not. We almost look behind the agendas of people that claim that it is so. This year we had hardly any hurricanes and it is also going to be a very cold winter in the east. We must not believe something just because of a few theories.

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    I would write a letter to superman and give him a detailed plan.....i would ask him to blow all the green house gasses out of the hole in the ozone layer over Australia ....

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    Making more ice machines.

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    stop polluting the o-zone

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