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how much does it cost to enter harvard university?

what are the chances of an asian entering harvard for a second course?

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    First, you have to understand that Harvard is probably the most famous university int he world and they receive FAR more applications than can possibly be accepted - thousands of extremely well-qualified students are turned away every year. The large majority of the places are given to American students.

    You can get details about the admissions at the Harvard website.

    But, assume that you get admitted at Harvard. Then you will be able to go there. Their admission is "need blind" - they decide who they want, and then they examine your financial situation. Your family fills out an elaborate form to analyze the ability of your family to pay the $50,000 a year it takes to be there. If your family is rich, then Harvard send them the whole bill. Very few Harvard students are paying the full bill. For nearly all of them, their families are asked to pay some fraction of the full bill, then the students get grants, loans, scholarships and whatever it takes to cover the cost. Once you are admitted as a student, they are going to find the money for you to attend. Since Harvard is by far the richest university, this is not a big problem for them.

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    Ex-dean says Harvard run like day care - The Boston Globe

    ... the full cost of Harvard, or $41,675 this year, ``expect the university to treat ... `If the college does it, there are going to be some controls," said

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    get six A's in O level and u have to pay alot to enter the university.

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    Tuition alone is over 25,000$ US per year. Good luck.

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    Sadly, A rich dad in the government! :-)

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    YOU will be debtor all your life

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