Hi! frnds...how do u start a effective conversation with a beautiful gal on a road or shoppinmall ?

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    ask her for the time even if shes not wearing a watch

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    If on the road, i would offer a compliment (not a cheesy one: your hair is like the golden rays of the sun).

    In a shoppinmall, that would be easier as I would use the surroundings to my advantage by starting about something pertaining to the store we are in (IE. I so don't like coming here at this time, look at the line of people at the cash register).

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    Try saying hello.

    My friend Reg (he's 46) has dated TONNES of very attractive women in his life, yet he's never asked a single one of them out, and he's only average in terms of looks.

    His secret was just that: He said "Hello" in a smily friendly sort of way, and then proceeded to talk to them, looking at their eyes rather than their other... erm... assets.

    And be sincere. Girls USUALLY don't bite, and they can smell a fake from the next county over.

    As as has been said.... Compliments never hurt the cause either =P

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    The first thing out of your mouth should be a compliment. And trust me, we can tell if its sincere or not.... for example, if she spent 30 minutes doing her hair that morning and you walk up and say, "Excuse me, you have the most beautiful hair" then she will be flattered enough to at least talk to you for a few minutes.

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  • First things first. Eye contact and smile. A smile to a woman tells her you are friendly, it creates honesty, it also lets her know you are interested in her.

    If you have never been married.....

    Hi... I just had to tell you that your eyes are so beautiful they look just like my first wife's.

    She'll say, thanks, how many times have you been married?

    You say, well I haven't yet. Then smile! She'll smile and hopefully you'll pick up conversation from there.

    Comment on what she's wearing, or her shoes. "Wow! Those shoes look great. Where did you get them?" She'll say thanks and she'll tell you where. Then just keep the conversation going by asking her other questions that can not have a yes or no answer. Like, that store, is it in the mall or where is it? Ohh I've never been there, do they have any men's clothes? Ohh, I'm sorry, my name is ________ what was your name again? Do you have a second or am I keeping you from something?

    You want to give her an out, because you don't want to come off as being pushy and you really want to know if she's interested in talking to you. You also want to show her that you respect her enough to not keep her from whatever she was doing.

    Do you ever see someone and feel like they are unapproachable? I mean so beautiful that they probably would not be interested in talking to you? Well, guess what? That's what a lot of men think and really really beautiful women often find themselves lonely as a result. That's why sometimes you see this really hot chick with her arm around some dorky looking guy. He was actually confident enough about who he was to talk to her. She saw through his not-so-good looks and got to know him.

    I learned this in sports..... You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. If you don't ask for it, you'll never get it! What do you have to loose? Someone saying no-thanks? Ohh well, go for the next one.

    Me? When I go out to the clubs, I love to dance. And I'm not conceided but people tell me I can break it down on the dance floor, with the best of them. So anyway, I have business cards and keep several on me all the time. Always prospecting for new clients, but when I'm out, I use them as a greeting and I'll say something like I did above, or just hand them a card and say, whenever you're ready to dance let me know. I would love to dance with you. If they are not ready to dance right now, I move on to the next 10. I only approach the 10's because that's me. (Scale of 1 to 10, 10 being best). If after the 10'th woman turns me down, which it has happened before, I get on the dance floor by myself to a song I know, and break it down. Before the song is over, I'll have an 8 or better dancing with me if not two or three of them. If one is worth talking to, I'll strike up a conversation and depending on the situation, I'll either move off the floor or keep up the groove.

    How did I learn to dance so well? I dated an arrobics instructor in college. WOW she was hot. Anyway, I took her classes and some classes with her friends. Arrobics teaches you to move to the beat. Then I watched MTV videos back in the late 80's and practiced a little at home in front of a full body mirror. Went to some clubs, sat and watched for a night or two. Then got loaded and just did what I felt comphortable doing. Met many women dancing. But met more taking arrobics. I love a woman who takes care of herself. Women in those classes are doing just that. Taking care of themselves. There's a little different approach talking to women in the arrobics classes. I usually let them do the initiating, just keep the friendly smile and keep my eyes off her body, until I know she wants me to look. Eye contact! That's the key.

    Hey! You ever feel your eyes open up a little wider when you see your favorite food? Like, Ohh I can't wait to eat that! If you can make your eyes open a little wider when she's looking in your eyes, she'll feel you saying "I can't wait to eat that!" you don't have to say a word. She will initiate the conversation! Works for me 90% of the time. Especially when I follow it up with a genuine smile.

    Source(s): Life: 36 years old in Baltimore
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    just be friendly and confident and most importantly be Ur self..

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