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where can i find a free url for my friendster background?

i want the 'moving' background. I like 'moving stars'

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    Have you tried photobucket

  • 4 years ago

    you could attempt to make the picture larger. there are good classes to attempt this with. adobe photoshop is sweet yet i have used paint previously too, the in elementary words undesirable element about paint is this is sensible to do it properly the first time or the picture receives distorted. adobe photoshop is less demanding yet is more advantageous complicated than paint. heres the steps to paint. open record in paint> bypass to image>bypass to stretch and skew> replace the first 2 probabilities to a larger percentage than one hundred, try 100 and fifty or 2 hundred, 2 hundred has a tendency to double the size. the probabilities must be a comparable to save the picture a similar structure once you're making it larger. save the picture and then you will be able to upload the picture to photobucket or yet another website the position they are going to make a url for the picture. then you truly have a sparkling url for a larger images. good luck!! wish it truly works out.

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