its not allergies...then what?

when i woke up this morning only my right eye was crusty and gooey and my eye ball is pretty red ( not alot though). the thing is that this has happened before, last year at almost around the same time (last time was mid january). also, i think a little bit after i kinda broke out in hives but it went away that same night and it wasnt serious, no other symptoms besides an itchy rash. they made me take a blood test to find out if i was allergic to any common allergens as well as food allergens and nothing was found. i dont have hives right now, only the eye part but what can this be? ill add more details if needed.

oh and ive also been putting on eye makeup a little more this week and i would problably think it was that but since this has happend before i dont know.


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    You can develop an allergy to anything at any time even if you have taken it or used it before. Make sure the eye makeup applicators are clean (they do carry bacteria) and should be cleaned at least once a week-using mild dish detergent, rinsing well and allowing to air dry. Throw away any makeup (esp. eye makeup) if it is more than a year old. As far as your right eye-it sounds like you could have "pink-eye" which is an infection that will cause redness, swelling, itching, pain and drainage of the affected eye. It also is highly contagious and you can transfer it to the other eye by rubbing your right eye and then the other eye with the same finger/hand. Try to avoid rubbing your eye(s) altogether. You should call your doctor and explain the symptoms-you may need an antibiotic eye ointment which will clear up pink eye quickly. Also when cleaning the secretions from your eye--use a clean cloth and warm water and clean from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner (this prevents bringing more bacteria into the eye). Also do not use the same cloth to clean the other eye. Hope you are better soon.

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    Could be allergic or bacterial infectious conjunctivitis of the eye. You can infect the other eye as well if you rub it and accidently touch the other eye. You need to go to the doctor and get steroid or anti-biotic eye-drops. He will determine which you need by which type of conjunctivitis you have. Don`t sleep in your eye makeup if you have been doing this. You also should not use the eye makeup again as it may be contaminated or may be the cause by you being allergic to it. Use normal saline that you get for contact lenses and rinse your eye out. To mix it up yourself, you risk burning the eye if the salt water is not diluted enough.

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    Maybe its just a mild eye infection, the source could be water or your makeup. I would advise you to rinse your eye thouroughly with warm water, you could add 1-2 teaspoon of salt to a glass of warm water, it would act as an antiseptic. Don't panic if it stings at first just carry on a few times a day..

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    If your eyes are giving you this problem when you use the make-up, then there is a problem with it. You could be allergic, or the make-up could be contaminated.

    Now, since you mention hives, there is definately an allergy. But it's probably one that you weren't tested for.

    Good luck!

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    Sounds like it could be pink eye. I have had this before and your eye gets red, itches, is runny and you get crust in your eye in the morning. You may want to like into that.

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